You know you've been playing too much Rust when...

You see a boulder in real life and get excited.

Your turn.

…you get to know someone and ask him “Can I see your penis first?”

…you look for your gun seeing someone pass your house…

You hear a plane and look where is the airdrop

Happen to me lol

You see someone walk past your house and ask if they hostile…

…You beat boars to death with rocks and wonder where the raw chicken is?

…you think leaving your house naked with a shotgun is perfectly normal.

Beat people to death with a rock

yeah i was driving my car today, drove past a pile of wood and stopped and stared for a good 10 seconds thinking of the possibilities…

You feel like you can fix anything around your house with some metal fragments and a little wood.

You fall 20 stories and are surprised when the impact DOES kill you.

you see someone asleep and kill them for their “loot”

Lost your keys and tried to create c4 to get in…

You hear someone start snoring and think… “zombie?”

You see some guys in a house and just gonna raid it like there is no tommorow

You set a campfire in your house without any precaution

You go to the butcher and ask him if he could kill some bears, pigs or wolves because you want to eat chicken.

You kill anyone on sight who isn’t a close friend or family member.

You stop mining resources ingame because you’ve already got tons of shit banked.

You wonder why panicx72 visited a thread dedicated to silly jokes with no sense of humor.