You know you've been playing too much Rust when...

OK, something different just for fun here. Let’s hear of anything Rust-related that’s come to mind as a result of a real-world event happening.

In my case, this just happened a few minutes ago…

You know you’ve been playing too much Rust when you hear a propeller plane and the first thought that comes to mind is “AIR DROP!”

You know you’ve been playing too much Rust when …

    you get home from work and ask your wife how much crafting time is left before dinner.

When your three year old son announces to all and sundry at daycare that “Daddy calls the planes” and daycare staff think you work at the airport…

You know you’ve been playing too much Rust when …

You have dreams/nightmares about wieners and balls

You know youve been playing too much rust when you make a crap thread like this

You know you’ve been playing too much rust when you get mad at a thread for making you realize you play Rust too much.

You know you’ve been playing Rust too much when you’re looking over your shoulder for Newmans with rocks while you’re walking the dog while at the same time wondering if anyone is breaking into your base so you cut the walk short to get home and login real quick.

And you spend all day at work making fan-art and gifs when you should be working.

when did i say i was mad; its just a shitty thread which didnt need to be made and only exists to bump post counts

This world revolves around only you, doesn’t it?

:confused: geez…can we have fun for a minute without bitching about something. Debbie downers you know who you are

LOL @ increasing post counts. PureDeviance got it. It’s for fun.

Sounds to me like you’re the one that posts in a thread that you obviously care nothing about in order to increase yours.

That’s funny. The current thread reminds me a lot of this one:

Stop jerking off in the laundry room and post your shitty comments somewhere else.

You know when you’ve been playing on the Rust forums too much is when you are afraid to say anything in public.

yeah just look at his pic says it all friggin sissy

(true story)
I was cruising down the interstate the other day. I happened to look up and saw an airplane contrail. For a split second I looked for the parachute from the air drop.

spooky…or sad, not sure which yet.

… when you are driving down the highway and see an old hangar that looks exactly like the one in legacy - but no one else in the car with you even knows what Rust is.

… when you check the forums and reddit many times a day, and are always looking for signs of a stable build that will be worth playing.

You know you’ve been on the Rust forums too long when you’re proud that you managed to keep only 1 tab open for it the whole time.

You know you’ve been playing too much Rust when you shave your head to look like yer character, and walk around naked carrying a rock in your house…when yer house mate spots you, you crouch and hide.

I was doing this long before Rust.