You look like a man who knows his SUITS (l4d2/hl2)

short and sweet

Hmm. I don’t like it because it’s way to short. I generally enjoy movies that people spend a lot of time on. There’s two kinds of WTF moments, there’s the LOL WTF? Then there’s the WTF… your movie was a WTF… I encourage you to continue making movies, though. The difference between you and me is that I never released my first movie that I made.

It’s a 7 second clip, calm the fuck down. Also I thought it was pretty decent.

lol dude he was calm, he was just giving advice, I advise you to calm down.

Oh, I see your point, if a clip is short, it’s allowed to be unrealisticly posed, and not funny. It’s very clear that this movie is supposed to be funny, right? I don’t see the point to it, if I had to guess, the point of this video was to have Nick, who wears a suit, mention someone elses suit. It wasn’t funny. It didn’t show off any kind of special animation skill or any kind of effects. What redeeming quality does it have? What’s with the spy, he wasn’t even funny, he’s wearing a suit, hah hah hah. I want someone to explain to me right now the logic behind this. I want to hear from the maker of this video. and from you Turkish, I have to compliment you for how specific you were. I want to hear why you liked it.

I liked it.

Now that’s what I call going straight to the point, and using the chosen characters well!

Excellent job! :neckbeard:


Your own movies most certainly show off a skill in badly posing and animating characters. :colbert:

That’s what we call a clever reference. Three guys from the Valve universe, three guys with a suit. Oh wait, I forgot that

Because it made me laugh

Well man, Max, you’re goin’ all out tonight.
What skill in animation do your films show off? All your characters do is idle animations and run. Admit it Max, you’re just being positive here to abstract me not liking the video. Cute this obsession of me you have, gotta mirror me on everything. I have yet to see any of your characters do something cool except talk, very exciting.

Just a quick question, why is it that this thread has 170 odd views yet the video itself on youtube has 40 views? Is it youtube not giving out correct info or what?

Youtube has never given a correct view count.

Most machinma videos that are freshly uploaded with have 300 ratings but 200 views.

Cool thanks