You lose, baby

Holy shit.


Holy shit man.Can you show the original ?


that’s pretty much how it is for me, kind of a pain of the ass looking behind your back when you’re healing though. Would of great if you gave him the plague mask too :slight_smile:

great posing

Damn mate you need to teach me!

I never knew TF2 could look so realistic… Great posing/face posing and editing. Nothing wrong with it.

Don’t say a word and take my money. I don’t know why, but just take it all.

On a serious note, this is amazing. Even Mr. Criticism([sub]ttam6297[/sub]) had nothing bad to say about it. I was expecting some crappy generic pose. I was pleasantly surprised.

That’s incredible.


do you have a problem with ttam? he gives criticism, tough shit. it’s suppose to help people but apparently people who give to much to help people improve are shitheads in your books

No no not at all. I don’t have a problem with ttam. I was just surprised he had nothing bad to say about this (Not that I blame him) when hes usually so critical. I didn’t mean any offense by it.

“Mr. Criticism” like you so call him helped me alot with his constructive commentary and look at where i am now, i just started and i got it quite well going.

ok well the way you expressed it made it look like you were trying to put the spotlight on him

Yes. I know his criticism helps people. I was just surprised he had no criticism to give. Again, as I have already stated, I didn’t mean anything offensive by it.

Now THAT is a TF2 pose


You even added a correctly lit second light source(see saw shadow)