You meet some really strange people on this game...

Despite what this looks like I’m not actually trying to self promote here. I don’t care about the views, I Just found 3:10+ of the video pretty funny and wanted to share it with other Rust players. I know you guys have experienced really weird and hilarious situations while running around with a rock so let’s discuss them in this thread! I actually have more fun running around with nothing then I do with fully modded guns and kevlar on.

what server you playing on ?

So I reluctantly watched the first 2 minutes. Next video you release just cut the parts that aren’t entertaining and you’ll get some hits.

I normally played on the Us East 3 (Large) server but experienced some lag, so I switched over to a community server ( that holds 200 people and is normally really populated. I’ve had fun thus far!

@Peekapew Thanks for the tips! Normally I would edit the video but I don’t have Sony Vegas on this computer, although I’ll be getting it soon and hopefully have some more “professional” videos to come.