You need to fix it so the servers don't wipe every week

You need to fix it so the servers don’t wipe every week. From my personal experience this is very annoying to myself and the three friends of mine that used to play this game. They have all walked away from the game as it is sort of pointless at the moment. I still love this game but can see how they got to that point.

So in short I think the most important aspect you need to focus on at the moment is whatever is making it necessary for the servers to be wiped all the time or you will lose a lot of customers at this early stage of the game. Having said that every time a server I am playing on wipes I’ve never noticed any more lag etc so I didn’t even think it was necessary.

Anywho that’s just my 2 cents.

The servers only wipe when the server admin wipes them.

Server wipes aren’t done by the developers, it’s done by the server admins, and it’s a requirement during most updates. Such is life in an alpha game.

True, but they still need to solve the issue of too much buildings lagging out servers/clients or whatever is causing the issue(s).

It’ll likely be a while before we’re able to play in a lag-free paradise. No point in fixing some bugs when you’re just going to change the engine and reintroduce it again and again.

Of course, that’s not to say that I don’t want to see these kinds of things fixed… it’s just going to take time.