"You never gave me my 20$......"


First photoshop edit :smiley: C&C would be nice.

Posing on the guy to the right looks quite odd.

He’s retracting his leg from a kick.

I know, but his upper body looks twisted unnaturally. His whole posture just doesn’t look… comfortable. :stuck_out_tongue:

his upper body is awfully vertical for someone who’s just done a sidekick, he should be canted over to the opposite side to counteract the shift in balance

Thought that leg was a penis for a sec, but yes, the upper body looks a little slanted.

Give slender man his 20 dollars OR he will EAT YOUR SOUL or stalk you for the rest of your life…

I can hardly tell where the editing is besides for the slight blurring.

You REALLY shouldn’t even bother editing until you can get your posing down, which you don’t.

The composition is terrible, lots of empty space, a pretty uninteresting and predictable angle.

I can actually make OK poses when I actually spend time on them, this was a 5 minute pose.

Then why bother posting it?

If you’re not going to actually put effort into it, you’re not going to get good feedback.

Make a pose with effort and then I’ll believe you can make “OK” poses.

Hey did you have use the finger posing?

Yay slenderman

Dollar sign comes first.

When you’re writing money amounts the dollar sign goes before the number, not after

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I don’t want a fucking troll here.

You’d better quit posting then.

Here ya go.
Now go buy some posing (or Gmod, if you are the pirate)