You never know who's in the darkness

My first ever pose, tell me what you think. Good luck finding out who’s in the darkness

I never who’s in the darkness.

why the hell cant I change the title :expressionless:

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oh well, you shall live with the retarded title

yey, its fixed

I see a Slenderman

good job you won how do you feel now

i see slendy, good idea, horrible pose/editing.

That pose looks weird, who sits like that? He looks like you just threw him in there. I know that the normal citizen models are stiff, thats why you could download the enhanced citizen pack. They’re great in posing.
Also: the picture seems too sharp. I could say that you could do better if you’d practice. It is an interesting concept though, I give you that.

you know i think you did good for a first pose, you made us laugh. I’m not being sarcastic or anything, it just turned out funny.

Try using super DOF instead of those toybox options that add blurs on the top and bottom. Also, zoom in with the camera and take a couple of steps back, adds a better pictorial composition to your image.

I tried super DOF but slendy kinda disappeared when I turned it on :v: I’ll use more time on my next pose.