You post a song, they post a screenshot based off said song!

I came up with an idea for this thread yesterday when i was making a set of screens that would accompany some music to be played with it, and i’ve seen people post music with screens that they intend to be played with it.

Heres how it works:
People post music and others make screens based around said piece of music.
This could be either:
What the music makes you think of, what picture you’d think would go well with it, etc.
E.g for a shitty example someone could post the Russian national anthem, you could do a modern day Russian pose, a WW2 Soviet pose, a CYKYA RUSH B pose or literally anything that the song makes you think of!
Obviously you don’t have to make screens to be part of the thread, you could just post a song or two to see what people make of it, but join in!

So, i’ll go first. 3:48 is where the moment i based this screen off starts.

I adore the Helghast from Killzone and love their aesthetics. I also love this song and felt this heavy theme goes well with them.

Heres the first song for people to think of a screen for, or just go ahead and post a different song.

Funnily enough i can’t think up a good one for that.

in that case a postal dude with a postal 1 skin was released on the steam workshop, could use it to make something for this


Yeah i’ll have a go with that.

awesome, thanks

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not to be picky since you’re actually making the thing but this is the model i was referring to if you’d not grabbed it already

Thanks, i was going to grab it when i got home but this makes it easier.

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Whilst the song depicts a horrible hellish world, theres something about Postal Dude that makes me think he’d be nothing more than a humorous Doom guy.

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Bugger his hand clips through his shotty

personally postal 2 dude comes off more as a wacky doomguy, postal 1’s pretty disturbing through and through if you play it (play redux, not the original)

still good stuff though

Never played Redux, i do want to get it though.

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push it to the limit

Not directly based off that song, but you inspired me to do this:

Nice lighting!

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Deffo going to make one for this

that looks fucking amazing