You`re worst admin expiriences?

Whats your worst admin experiences, where an admins fucks with you and think that you cant do anything against it?

It`l also show a little what communities not to join . . .

I can tell lots of, with 6 year old admins, but i guess all of you had this allready :stuck_out_tongue:

My own server when someone hacked it and gave everyone Mani.

I was getting slapped left right and center.

Now that`s nasty.

Quick update, mine is that.

That sounds painful there Jugger. Proch, those admins are so noob at being admins, it really isn’t funny. How is making a case, flaming a community?

I’m gonna make a fundemental rant on their forums aimed at them, not sure why, hopefully to piss them off. I don’t like disgraceful admins.

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EDIT: Bastard deleted it, so I whent in on a huge personal attack:

I may or may not have commented. :3:

Nice, I hope more people will. Positivley that is, imagine the rage Unoriginalusername gets when he sees it then.

So, what should all the people who didnt keep their spine at birth get?
An anti-medal? :smug:

You know, if you’re gonna act smug, you need to make sense first.

…Or is the teacup a watermelon? :smug:

See my point?

mine: A friend of mine was made the chief of police on a server, he then made it his priority number 1 to destroy a crime syndicate lead by an admin. After a few weeks he finally caught him and had his character killed. The admin went so ballistic that he got the server shut down… mature indeed

He was a no life probally.

Once i got admins at a random DarkRP server minges joined, wanted cop, random arrested and shit.

Griefers join with speedhax, names as unconnected.

People claim i ban too much.

Then they all come 20 minutes later as a huge wave of faggots, making the server almost go down.
But it didn’t as i perma’d everyone.

Was a bad experience trying to ban 15 fags with 670 ping.

Ping doesn’t affect your server. If anything it would make it lag less as they take longer to respond meaning it uses less resources

I dont have anything about much bans, if people deserve it, then whats the problem? I renember once i played SA:MP on a server called World Of Stunt or something, theres was an pretty good admin which banned often but only deserved.Everybody seemed to like him, include me, so why the hell did people think you ban too much?

Eh mine aren’t that good but what the hell.

First server I ever joined some minge spawned five billion massive poles to crash the server and the admin blamed me, so I got tazered and flung around the server till he eventually kicked me, it was hilarious XD

And then the other time I was basically being the snitch that joined the gangsters and told the cops, I was doing the whole playing them against each other for giggles thing and when I blamed all gangster activity on my friend who was playing on the server(again for giggles cause he was pissing me off that day and he was also selling drugs or somein so I got away with it) I then got thrown into jail by the admin cop and he just kept hitting me with a stunstick and drugging me and then doing it again, I went for a smoke and when I got back I’d been kicked for “Not roleplaying with teh adminz”.

Kicked and banned from a server because an admin wanted to join and there were no slots left.

My worst admin experience was when I was an admin on Thermals server then some guy who was friends with one of the coders lied and said I was abusing my admin then I got demoted and he got admin then he start killing me over and over and got me banned… This was a Roleplay server.

To sum it up: I did nothing wrong and got demoted then banned.

Just a quick thought, that IPB doesn’t look legit. Looks like a bootleg copy, might be beneficial to report to IPB or get them to check it out.

Stop using ` instead of '. A tilde is not an apostrophe.

Any woman I’ve ever hired except for one.