You really think you could destroy an armored cyborg? (Chick shooting arm suit.)

After having part of her arm blown off by an armsuit, she fires into it with a high caliber sniper rifle… Yeah, don’t try to kill an armored cyborg like her.
(for those asking, the white thing you see on the bottom with the arms is the armsuit she is shooting.)

REALLY like that muzzleflash.

But it looks like there’s no recoil, or anything. :frown:

Didn’t you post something reeeally similar to this a while ago?

Whatever. Picture is awesome. Hair is good.

Yeah, the previous one i posted was based on this same scene, but i didnt do it to the full extent… this time i did.

Shes a 300 LB cyborg capable of keeping a helicopter pinned to the ground via a cable… recoil isn’t really a problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

its like sex for my eyes

Looks pretty cool. Good job!

Oh… Okay. I did not know.

I love you.

Thanks :smiley:

She seems sorta…

Emotionless, even for a android or whatever the fuck she is.

Really really really awesome hair edit, Love the rain too yeah her face is kinda blank but eh still looks awesome!

Yeah, the faith models face posing isn’t the best, any time you try to make her look angry it ends up looking like shes trying to take a massive dump.