You received a gift has been removed from your account.

Sorry for my bad Englich.
I bought through the Gift of the day and there was such.
You received a gift has been removed from your account.

Your gift recently received from «BRClark119», was withdrawn due to problems with processing payment.
As a result, all the games associated with this gift, no longer available.
To purchase this product, visit the store Steam.
Or you can delete all files associated with this gift.

What to do?

there is nothing you can do

don’t buy games through shady gifting sites

He scammed you he deleted the gift which he sent to u canceled

The credit card used to buy that copy of Rust was either stolen, or the buyer disputed/reversed the charge, which meant they got your money and Steam took the fraudulent purchase away from you.

Because you didn’t pay through Steam, you got scammed and Steam Support won’t help you.

I played five days, everything was fine.

then the person chargebacked

don’t buy from shady gift sites next time!

Nevermind, I misread. Yeah, you got scammed. Don’t buy from external sites next time.

Instead of repeating what the previous posters say 100 times, lets see if we can do anything about this.

Whats your steam profile, and whats the sellers profile? Got any info on them you wanna share? Pictures? Proof?

What good will it do, no one can help him. He bought through a shady place outside of Steam’s jurisdiction, so to speak. There’s not much any amount of proof can do for him other than POSSIBLY get the dude trade banned, best case scenario.