"You...scratched....my...GLASSES!" -Francis pouncing a hunter.

Never ever break Francis’s glasses.

Somehow fits with francis and his glasses.

C&C and stuff :3:

So this was what you were posing eh

lighting is nice i guess, although there could be some blood on him

Poor hunter…
Its nice but why red lightning?
Low res ground and grass kinda ruins it.
Motion Blur has sharp edges.
But its good.

Ever been pounced in L4D?

And stupid grass >.< I hate it but can’t help it.

Oh yeah now I remember the red light.
The picture is pretty cool but could use another sky.

“I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU SILLY YOU WUSSIE!” -Francis, the dude whos beating up the hunter…

Quickly! Someone switch the survivor and the special infected models!

We know who Francis is…

On-topic: I like the posing, the editing is nice too.

In soviet russia, Francis pounces YOU!

Its sarcasim. Why do you think I do 3 dots at the end of some of my sentences.

I first read “Francis pounding a hunter.”

but oh well, a man can dream :v:

Shit, man. Hope those aren’t Ray-Bans.


god i hate this bullshit add

This pic is awesome.

I gave you paint :smile:

I think that someone should make another one of these, making it Gordon beating up a hunter for scratching his glasses.

Any more comments and stuff?

Francis + Aviators = Sexy


The pic was nice too :v:

I lol’d. Epicly.