"You see, I'm not a poor irish-man"

C&C please.

Should of SDoF’d it broski.


Super depth of field. It’s in post processing. Needs a better angle too.

Fingers clip the weapon also.

I would have gone with a different gun. The engravings on it are more of a distraction at this distance and resolution. The character stance is nice but I would have avoided stacking 4 Max hats on top of another considering there are so many to choose from. I would also get rid of the rectangular badge but I am fond of the circular one. Lastly, the shot is a little bland; there isn’t much going on in it. Perhaps he is surprising a Demoman that just walked around a corner. Pictures should tell a story.

Gangs of New York reference?

this is terrible

Towering Pillar Of Hat joke.

Ah, I thought something reminded me of Daniel Day-Lewis, I personally suspected a reference to Bill the Butcher.

Doesn’t remind me of Gangs of new york for one bit.
Poole wasn’t Irish.

its a bit…blurry or its just that the graphics aren’t turned up (also im irish :stuck_out_tongue: )