"You see my boy, You must choose. The Girl, or Queen and Country."

Just a warning, not very good with the TF2 stuff yet.

C&C Welcome.

Choose queen and country. I assume the only reason you would rescue that chick is to bang her, but rescuing your country can provide you with an endless supply of bitches.

Just ask garry

Angle is terrible, though the posing isn’t that bad. Doesn’t really deserve a thread in my opinion.

Can’t see shit captain.
The heavy is the Queen?

Depends if she’s a QILF

The angle is supposed to look somewhat like a 3rd person shooter, but yeah. I was debating the merits of using the thread for pictures that don’t need their own thread.
As for Sirdownloadsalot the Heavy is supposed to be the guy who will go kick some ass if he picks the girl.

What the fuck did you do with the blur, it needs zooming, the posing is quite awkward, and why the fuck is the sniper wearing a skirt.

The persons of interest are too far away & blurry for me to see. The skin used for the medic doesn’t seem that good, the map doesn’t fit at all, it seems quite underwhelming in fact. Lastly, the AK doesn’t seem to fit very much with the rest of the desired style.

Blur is SDoF. What model’s posing is awkard. And Sniper isnt wearing a skirt. Its the Female Scout infront of him.

Then you didn’t press render, and I noticed that, but the fact that it took long to notice means that you should’ve made it more obvious.