"You seem to be forgeting your place in the military doctrine, Shaman."

More Vorts.

I did several edits because I could not decide which was better, so I’ll let you decide.

Also, I did some tribal tattoos, tell me if you like them or not. Trying something new and seeing how well I can do it.

Angle 1 #1:


Angle 1 #2


Other angle:

Angle 2 #1:

Angle 2 #2:

Angle 2 #3:

Koon-neh-took Moo-hey

No posters yet? mmk then IT’S LIKE SEX FOR MY EYES

I like.

Also, I can’t decide what should be the greater focus for these Vortigaunt Tales; the pictures, or the write-up?

Both are great as they are.

Also, also; Antlion guards have faces. Lol.


Damn thats awesome

Any comments about the tats? I am actually very curious to know what you guys think about how it turned out.

I think the shaman should wear a skull on his head

I dunno

Shaman looks empty compared to the other dude

Before posting I looked him over and was going to photoshop some robes on, but laziness took over since I alread had two edited pictures I just said ‘Next time’ and posted. :slight_smile:


Are the tattoos on the skin itself?

Either way, you did a great job on those

Beautifull Work

Damn cocky shamans.

the tats are nice,you edit them in?

Damn, that’s some nice skin editing right there! And posing…and story…the whole thing is great, let’s just say that!


I would have skinned them if I remembered how, but then again there is only one normal Vortigaunt model and unfortunately I can’t hex.

Thanks though.

I don’t like the bright sky in the two first shots.

Gonna keep this up until tomorrow night. That way I can think of something new.

I don’t like how you can only see the back of the vort on the right. It might look better if he was angled to the left more (and looking right) so that you could see his head and arm more.

Hmm I see what you mean, I guess I took an entirely different angle instead :stuck_out_tongue: