You shouldnt be allowed to play rust without a consistent IP

EDIT: Original post removed, as posters have proved that the subject of DDOS is a joking matter.

The server administrator should not let the hackers back in regardless of threats. Who cares if the server is down for a few hours. The hacker is wasting his time and bandwidth by trying to ddos a server. Besides, you cant ddos for an extended amount of time without your connection suffering severely

ISP grants you a dynamic IP (common), can’t play rust. Forcing static IP’s isn’t the solution.

Would be better to have admins be able to ban people through their GUID (most games you can), there’s no getting around that other than spending money for a new account.

Static IPs have nothing at all to do with DDOS threats.

Solutions to DDOS attacks has nothing to do with Rust.

The Facepunch developers don’t have any capacity to control what idiots do on the Internet when they decide to use non-Facepunch software to DDOS the connections of servers that happen to be hosting Rust server software.

That’s like saying Microsoft should do something about the riot on Main St. after some guy road raged at another guy who had a “Windows 8 is shit” bumper sticker and started a huge fight in public over how Windows 8 is actually a good OS.

I don’t understand what changing an IP would have to do with anything… Steam bans using their 64-bit SteamID, not an IP address.

And AJ10017, people don’t DDoS from their own computer, they usually pay for dummy machines all over the place and use them for the attack. That’s why it’s DDos, Distributed Denial of Service.
It’s coming from a whole bunch of IPs all over the place and it’s near impossible to trace it to the source.

Uhhh, server bans are by Steam ID. You can’t change your Steam ID the way you can change your IP assignment from your ISP.

It’d make more sense to ban Mac Addresses, it’s harder to spoof a Mac Address than it is to spoof an IP address.

Ip tracking allows the person to be traced by legal authorities, DDOS is extremely illegal

I know it’s illegal, I never said that DDoS was an okay thing to do.

And IP tracking doesn’t always work so well when there’s hundreds, if not thousands, of different IPs hitting from all over the world at the same time.

People can use proxy servers to have an IP on the opposite side of the world, IP tracking is not an accurate way of tracking people.

Forgot about that part
So they are wasting time AND money

I expect you to call the FBI immediately and demand that they devote 10 men to finding out who’s DDOSing your Rust server.

They’ll totally take you seriously.

This shit is like kidnapping the president. Top priority.

Fix the DDoS or terrorists win!

If you can’t play rust, jonny, the terrorists have already won.


I didn’t realise this was the case, in which case the OP’s point isn’t really related as you say, if someone wants to rent a botnet for a certain amount of time and annoy an admin and the members of the server then it’s down to the law authorities to deal with but that isn’t likely to happen over a rust server.

DDOS attacks are between the attacker and the server provider. I have heard of some providers offering a service, at an extra charge of coarse, that reroutes the attacks to a dead end IP. Any one else hear of this? if so, seems like a possible solution if the provider offers that service to server owners

I hope you can troll harder than that, im very disappointing in you ‘elixwhitetail’ (aka bleached bottom)

People are going to DDoS you regardless if they are banned or not. Plenty of times I have seen rust servers go down during peak players because other server owners want to divert players away from your server, so they attack it.

If a hacker threatens you don’t un-ban them, if you do that your letting them win. Ban by steam ID that way they at least have to make a new steam account and buy another copy of Rust if they want login to your server again.

DDoS is hard to track as one attack could be coming from 100’s or 1000’s of computers that are part the zombie net / bot net. Although it is illegal to DDoS in the US, it’s VERY difficult to enforce law over the internet as each country has different laws regarding these matters.

Okay, FrostFire20, if that is your real name, aka doesn’t understand how fire and ice interact with each other.

The best way to deal with DDOSers is to not give them what they want: Attention and satisfaction. That means stop making dumb threads about them like this.

Also, this idea of requiring consistent IPs to play Rust is not just silly, it’s counter-productive. With some DSL ISPs, your IP address is dynamic and changes every 90 seconds, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The system automatically rotates the IPs around through the local pool, partially because it doesn’t want anyone to host servers from their home connection, and partially for “security” so you can’t be DOS’d or portscanned on a single IP for long before your IP automatically changes (unless they’re hitting the entire neighbourhood with a DDOS).

This would make less people be able to play Rust for… no gain.

Most server hosts do this, it’s called null-routing. Basically they just forward all traffic to a port/address that doesn’t exist until the attacks stop.

The bad thing about this is that this also null-routes actual players trying to connect to the server, so it’s essentially entirely unusable for the duration of the attack (and in many cases, quite a few hours after the fact).

Some hosts provide DDoS protection, at some places it costs extra, one particular location offers it for free. But even then a server can get taken down, since the protection only works up to a certain amount of traffic.

And then there’s other exploits that don’t even use large amounts of traffic to take down a server. One in particular is an ntp exploit… rather fascinating stuff, but I don’t know that much about it.