''You shouldn't have looked above you cover mate.''

Edit and pose by me, my first edit in 6 days :P. C&C please.

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I like it, allthough you could have blurred out the background or cropped it.

It has lots of unused space.

The muzzle is quite big.

I used a light to make the muzzleflash look realistic, so i had to cover it up.

C’mon more comments, sorry for the bump btw.

The grass looks horrible, and the muzzle flash is quite large.
What the hell is that stone structure thingy in the background anyway?

Muzzleflash is excessive.

No it doesn’t.

Your damn right about that one.

Destroyed building? I guess


I like the recoil effect, dunno if it was intented tho.

It was, thanks btw.


Shit typo in the titel, could an admin fix it?

The muzzle flash is pretty large. You know, you can make the light invisible by using the color tool, so you wouldn’t have to cover it up at all. :slight_smile:

Still, good picture.

When i do that the emited light is transparent too, but still a good tip.

looks like you need to turn up your graphics, antialiasing, etc.

It’s all maxed out.