"You, so called Free Man - what you have created?"

Posing by gtanoofa. My first thread in this section, by the way. Hello, world.


Blue light and smoke around RPG are crap, I know.


Nice job mate, you’ve got potential.

I think its a bit to zoomed in, but I like it.

The rocket launcher effect is rather awkward, since it looks like the guy just blew his own arm up.


Also looks like the rocket misfired.

Yeah, the rocket smoke is pretty bad. Even a photoshop inept individual such as myself can see that.

i kind of like the nuclear rocket effect

One of the worst edited RPG launch blasts I’ve seen.

You know what I like? All that small shit flying around the scene. Too bad it’s pretty 2D and it shouldn’t be all over the pic. The explosion isn’t very good, but it isn’t too bad either.

get out you’re not inept

the rocket explosion really kills it. you’d get smoke coming out the back of both tube and rocket, not an explosion. right now it just looks ridiculous.

Thanks for criticism, rocket smoke is now looks for me really bad) Will try better another time.

Wow, this is really good, shows the chaos of a street fight, and yea rocket smoke is blah, but everything else is nice, how did you do the random debris and stuff flying aboot?

Stock photos from Internet, something from psdtuts+

I am sorry but the effects are awful. You can’t just slap shit here and there without polishin’ it up a at least a bit.

I’m 110% positive that rebel would have no upper torso after this incident.

I could have sworn I seen something similar to this in a video. Can’t remember the name of the video though.

This concept is wonderful, there are only the detail problems with it, the concept itself overways some of the tiny clippings and jaggy parts, well done in general dude

The rocket smoke is very horrible, and there should be smoke in the back, too. I believe thats how that rocket launcher works.

looks great, but the rpg explosion looks bad, to be honest.
it’s completely on top of the character and rpg, yet the rocket itself and its tail is on top of the explosion.
and the black areas of the explosion really bothers me, along with the white border all around it, mostly on the buttom side though.
it’s not easy to cut out explosions and smoke, but it looks great if it’s done properly.

the michael bay of gmod screenshots

Nope, it’d need more explosions.

0:53 - 0:58

Im sure this was based of the this video, Well done!