"You sure you don't wanna axe that question?" Rochelle posing with an axe




You actually made Rochelle look beautiful. Nice job.


…I loooove Rochelle!

I strongly disagree.

She’s ok I guess.

Just an ingame character.

How can you force someone to disagree over their liking of a fictional female character.

The question is not the answer.

The trees do not fall by themselves.

The power of control does not get chosen by itself.

The groups of actions are based one man’s action.

Axe the question. I should have seen that coming:)

The movement of certain actions are the cause of the falling of a tree.

The chosen person becomes the cause of the actions.

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative enthusiasm, or in the unproductive darkness of a media forced view of what he should consider as a medium for his desire.

Damn:black101: that was deep. I just thought it up. Hamlet, suck an egg:biggrin:


Well said.

Fun fact: I once fapped to the idea of Rochelle using an axe handle to “stimulate” herself.

Unlucky men will get the idea of approaching her and get their dicks axed by axe-ident.

She would not for me though, but then why waste my sex drive on her when I could on you, or even better, both?

That’s real nice of you. But your chances with me is an ubersaw, and yours with her is an axe.