"You think they'll have that on the tour?" - the T-Rex breaks out

Entry into the Competition of Concentrated Awesome: Movie Scenes




Your edits better then the original… Nice job.

Ha thanks! To be fair though, I doubt it looks like that on film. Seems like a very dodgy still from the film; the contrast and exposure are all fucked up. You get the idea though :stuck_out_tongue:

Jurassic Park I - Good
Jurassic Park II - Haven’t seen it yet.
Jurassic Park III - Damn kid made me cringe.

Oh, and very nice take on that scene, and you’ve ever heard of Jurassic Life?

reminds me of an older picture you made

Goddammit T-Rex model. Open your mouth.

We need that TUROK T-Rex, or at least get this guy’s rig fixed.

Very good, identical to the movie.


A bit too dark, but otherwise nice. I like the splashes and the light effect.

Looks a little dark in general. I know the reference isn’t really an exact still from the movie (it does look a little fucked up) but I think the image should be a bit brighter in a sense.

Still, it’s a worthy remake as any other and the scene itself is recaptured quite well (Nice dinosaur posing).

Ah yes. I have the map they released for that from Gmod. It could be useful someday.

My favourite Gmod picture ever… not down to me of course, down to Superfrog’s incredible editing.

When I start with a dark image, at the end when I brighten it a little I never do it enough because… well because everything is relative I guess. Working on a dark picture for hours makes anything slightly brighter seem too bright. I’ll go away and try and make it brighter now then… let’s just hope the colours don’t fuck up! I might desaturate it a tiny bit more too.

Thanks a lot for all the comments so far, fellas!

Oh my. This is pure awesomeness. Rain and splashes are bloody well done. A very good recreation of that scene. One of my favorites for the competition no doubt.

Cheers, Rastifan.

I’ve updated the OP with a brighter version. I think it looks better now.

Can’t see image.


Oh what the fuck right after I posted that I can see it

Filesmelt is being slow, give it a moment please.

Looks perfect.
It’s beautiful.

I think you shaded it too much
the output levels of the darker areas shouldn’t be that low, it should be more grayish due to the rain
and the rain drops are a bit big
that’s what I think but it still looks good


and I think hes mouth should be wider open

and since I always tend to create shitstorms with my critisism I want to say that it’s just what I think of it and I don’t want to start a fhieight

I like the lighting.

When Filemelt gives me shit, I use Tinypic http://tinypic.com/
Always reliable. Can only upload one image at a time, but who is in a hurry.


Nice pic, although I expected the T-Rex chasing the car with Ellie, Muldoon, and Malcolm.


And to F T, you really should see Jurassic Park 2.