You wake up as. . . (Hey look, another interactive story.)

This will be an interactive comic where you are a series of characters, some from well known games/movies or an original character. Actual story will be in bold, off-topic comments will be in parentheses.

You wake up as a RED SPY. You have a THROBBING PAIN in your knee, causing you to kneel.

In your inventory you have one (1) FANCY FEDORA, one (1) CAMERA BEARD, and one (1) REVOLVER.
You are currently equipped with the REVOLVER.

You notice a LARGE BARRICADE. You wonder if you can crawl through the space.

There are some ITEMS scattered around the room, including one (1) CHARGIN’ TARGE and one (1) SANDMAN.

There is also one (1) SANDVICH, but you ignore it, as it is probably rotten and moldy.


Raise texture detail before taking pictures.

Pick up the sandwich, and eat it while thinking what to do next.

(Okay, I just wanted to see how medium would’ve turned out.
I’ll be sure to try very high, if that’s too laggy, I’ll be forced to use high. Sorry.)


What a HORRIBLE IDEA. Why would you eat a ROTTEN SANDWICH. You have much better things to attend to.

Though you do like the IDEA of planning what to do next.

Oh, but that SANDWICH looks awfully tasty. . . No, you can’t!


Snap yourself out of it. Grab the Targe and barge through the barricade, if you can.

(Well, I wont do anything right away until I get more ideas.)


(Ah screw it, nevermind.)


You try using the CHARGIN’ TARGE to break the BARRICADE.

You successfully break the BARRICADE, making DEBRIS fly everywhere.

Being quite careless, you drop your CHARGIN TARGE

The impact has caused you a short, painless, and horrible death.


(This is the part of where you suggest which character to be. Right now I’ll only be taking valve characters.)

Gahahaha. Great.

Let’s try… Left 4 Dead’s Louis!

I might consider that if anyone has the download link to maps from L4D.
(No, not warez, I have L4D, it’s just not portable through Gmod Settings.)
If you cant get the map, I’ll just use something else.


Well, I’ll be off for now, the new story will come either tonight or tomorrow.
And it’ll be longer! I was just getting used to interactive stories.

Wake up as the spys fedora.

How about wake up as Louis wearing the spies fedora.


(Nevermind here it goes.)

You wake up as an OFFICE WORKER named LOUIS.

You just had the CRAZIEST DREAM! You killed a GIANT ZOMBIE. You remember calling it a TANK.

Wait. . . What’s that?

Today is going to be a long day. . .


Shoot the gas gallon and do it all blow up.
Or end up smoking the cigarette and try to break the barricade with the bat.

Next time you could be Demoman, at least if you got stuck again you could simply break the barricade with a punch. :smiley:

You my good friend are late.
The RED SPY is dead, and we have moved on to LOUIS.

Eat his meat.

Please dont quote the entire string of pictures.
It page stretches.

Right, my bad.
And btw you posted the Louis stuff while I was posting the Spy stuff yet.

Must’ve took you a long time to type.
Anyway, any other suggestions?

steal those trains

Equip (1) Fancy Fedora and get the hell up, how’re we supposed to decide what to do next without a look around?

PS: Don’t trip on the tank.

I can’t believe you thought of such an IDEA. I mean, that’s probably all ROTTEN ZOMBIE FLESH anyway.

That TRAIN looks too big to steal. There is also a FORCEFIELD in the way.

As you get up. You do decide to take one (1) FANCY FEDORA and one (1) BARRICADE


Go through the doorway thats to the right of the force field.