You Walk away (L4D Music Video) FINALLY RELEASED!

tyDi - You Walk Away
A Left for Dead music video i’ve been working on.

Created for

Special thanks to Varsity for the faceposer fix that Valve could only dream of fixing.

Female model by Kinkyboy
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I bursted out laughing the moment I saw the model

O_o 10/10

Why in the HELL did you think it was a good idea to use that model for the video? It doesn’t fit the setting AT ALL. You’d have been better off using a reskined citizen or just Zoey or whatever.

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And most of the “singing” scenes were really boring. It was just the character standing around, sometimes moving her arms in a talking (not singing) matter and casually moving her mouth (once again as if she was just talking) without having any kind of other expressions on her face.

^ He’s right. Too many of the same shots (panning to the left), lip syncing wasn’t that good and character didn’t match the setting.

I thought it was pretty good. I respect the effort you put into this, and I hope to see more.


nice technique and filming and all… but the character kinda ruins it (as everyone said)

yes im so stupid i should have listened to chris

Yes as everyone pointed out the model issue, but I look forward to more work. Also did you just use face poser for this one?

Nope, 3DS Max as well for the start walk and the end bit