"You wanna end up like your friend over there?" Shepard getting information



I really like it, nice overall, green muzzleflash could use a tad of work. Also whats the pink thing in the left bottom corner of the first picture?

At first I though it was MW2 General Shepard but then it was ME Shepard

Physical Renegade option

Renegade option too pixelish.
But very nice!

Shooting with your middle-finger?

It’s a secretive way to saying go to hell. :smile:

Also, add some dialogue to Shepard in the pic, I know it’s in the fucking thread title! Stop pointing out the obvious.

The muzzle flash looks like a cloud of smoke, but still looks good. Just needs a bit of work.



Shepard’s small wang

was expecting shepard from mw2, nice pic overall but the renegade symbol on bottom left looks horrible (really pixelated)

I like it :smiley:

BUT WAIT! BLUE SUNS? Blue suns will rape shepar (maybe), they rule really (i hope), so this renegade action button should make THE MERC shoot shepard with his hidden pistol, and i thik the player didn’t press the left button, so shepard shot and the kynetic shield dodged the attack. Wait, what am i about? Nice.

It looks like he…

…ended up like his friend over there.


Me like but the choice icon looks kind of badly compressed.

Needle dick, literally.

He shot him anyways :saddowns:

but nice going Hunter

The pink thing in the bottom left is low resolution and the green on the muzzle flash is a bit unnatural. Great posing, though.


Anyways, nice posing!