You want a balloon? They float...

Do you want a ballon from pennywise?


That’s a new one.

woops sorry I didn’t expect a Spanish Inquisition

It’s funny because you’re spanish

no shit sherlock!!!

You’re bad at posting and your screenshot is bad.
You should feel bad.
You’re a bad person.

No no no no!

He’s suppossed to be in a drain!

lol wtf

yeah but i don’t have a drain map

Scenebuild it, some builds can look better than mapping it

Sorry, this is very bad. Work on your posing and don’t splatter blood everywhere.

ok maybe i try it thanks :smiley:

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for the love of god i make it in 6 minutes!

Then why not take more time on it than churning out pieces of shit.

Then don’t post it here if there is no effort.

That just makes it worse for you.

Please, next time, take time.