"You want a story? Sure, I'll give you a story for... Two hundred."

A bit meh on this.

Odd composition. I like the posing though.

Haha nice idea, excellent posing as usual. My only complaint would be it looks too “clean”, not enough junk here and there, after all it’s a crowded metro for long now!

You pay $200? Good, here is the story:

There once was an ugly barnacle.
He was so ugly, everyone DIED.

Filesmelt images keep fucking up for me.

By your posts combined!

I’ll change it to tinypic.

Man stop reminding of how we need Metro 2033 models :[.

Nice picture thought.

I love the right part of the picture while the left part is a bit empty. But, fuck yeah, lovely atmosphere.

:v: win

inconsistent shading.

I like it, reminds me a lot of Metro 2033.

“You want a story, ok.
This asshat with Glasses pushed a cart and the world went to Hell.”

Great posing,but i dont think a 9 year old would have $200

Metro 2033 much eh? xD