"You were a good parter" Girl killin' a guy

T’was anitomically incorrect

Her hand almost looks like a flipper…

And why is he rolling his eyes back? Is she already stabbing him?

The J Hat: What’s it featuring?
Dubeard: betrayal
**: first time I managed to provide a good theme
The J Hat: Hmm
Reflect: I’m redoing my office map
Dubeard: i’m too tired to even make the blood look like bood
Dubeard: it just looks like Capri-sun is leaking out
The J Hat: Shame

Well, it doesn’t look like Capri-Sun, at least.


It’s okay but as the dude above stated; eyes, why gone back?, she already cut?, dunno.

“Oh God you’re not even getting the ARTERY.

The guy obviously has a weird fetish and is having orgasm. But seriously,the way her hand is position doesn’t really look like she is using much force. Also it would have been cool if there was blood spewing on her face,but that’s just me.

cool whats a parter?

Ah so this is waht you were going on about last night