"You WILL Fear Me..." - Alma lunges at the surivors.

(Bad pun title :suicide:)


Compare: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/15410

Very nice, scares me a bit…That’s why I can’t finish the game.

Those models… nice job. Where did you get them?

Are those the experiment goons I spot?

It’d be pretty cool if half of Louis was turning into a skeleton.

Snowflakes dont fit the picture

That’s how L4D always should have been.

A game that takes you 10 hours to finish a campaign with your friends from the difficulty, and scarying you til you shit your pants.
Amazing job.

I want them too.

Quick, toss a teddy bear at her or something.

God damn beautiful.

That’s how I always wanted my muzzleflashes to look! It looks so fucking awesome.

The lighting and posing is really cool too! Great job as usual man.

Amazing work.


simply beautiful.

Amazing as hell!

this is better than any scene I can come up with in my head

The lighting, mood, perspective, depth-of-field and everything else is perfect! I can’t find a single thing wrong here!

great composition.

Smashing job. Although I find the kid version of Alma more creepy. She didn’t scare me as much in the second game as she did in the first.

She will then proceed to strap Francis down to a chair and rape him while a zombified looking Louis attacks him in some fucked up nightmare world.