"You worked with Dr. Jacobi, one of the first to have kinetic chromosones implanted."

Old Dude: “I don’t do much telkinesis anymo’. I can only do small menial tasks. It grows weaker as I age.”

Psy-Cop: “Know any kinetics who would want to kill him?”

Old Dude: “It seems unusual fo’ a kinetic to kill a man trying to help both Regulars and Kinetics.”

Psy-Cop: “Maybe whoever it was, was a failed experiment, hated what he was made into.”

Old Dude: “Pe’haps. Or pe’haps someone didn’t want eve’yone to be Kinetics.”


It’s a miracle that with all the ideas that I jumble about in my head, I can still formulate a fairly good idea for each. Doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating to balance them…

This is gonna be awesome! :razz:

I immediately thought of this. Good posing and editing. However, if you look at that darkening area in the top right, there seems to be a shading mishap (looks awkward).

What happened to Nick buying Francis a drink? :saddowns:

:v:. This is a good picture. Enjoyed the little back story as well. Arty4u :3:

So is this a play on the outline the survivors get when they’re through walls?

I thought the same, hah. :v:

I have to admit Psi-Ops was a fundamental aspect as to where the name Psy-Cops originated. Sort of. I have never played Psi-Ops, I know it by name, but that’s it. Other than the name, everything as far as I can tell was thought up from scratch.

Holy shit, the characters name in Psi-Ops is even Nick, and look at the model I used D:

Honest to God, I had no idea!

The ‘shading mishap’ is a compression issue pr some shit. No matter what I did it was like that, so I said fuck it, I’ll keep it…

Lol. I never really noticed that. Unintentional easter egg I guess.

I had this in my folder so I wanted it out.


and thanks to everyone else too.

This glowing looks sexier than the last one you made that was tad strong.
Nice posing too!

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Ha, I’m almost expecting something to go wrong in this encounter and for Coach’s character to launch the hot coffee at Nick’s character.