"You... you are new." A blade runner rookie meets the new Nexus 7, who crushes his hand.

Two cyberpunk movies that I love… IN ONE.

Hell I swear terminators have some kind hand crushing fetish, they do that in almost every film/comic book/novel.


Kinda hard to see, but the guy drops his revolver gun blaster weapon.

Hey look I can compare screenshots too!

C&C, comments, whatever please.



Everything glows, and it’s so, so pretty. <3

i like it


Added thread music. Open both links for maximum effect.

it looks like your perskin, with a terminator half of a face

I don’t see any similarities.

It’s good, but I have 2 nags.

The rain is too opaque, and there is too much of it.

I think his head is also massive.


Very nice lighting there bro. Keep up the awesome work!

In the future it rains semen. That’s what the climate change does, people!


I ate the whales.

I’m going to have that image glued to my brain when I go to bed, curse you Joazzz.

Screw the whales! SAVE A TREE, EAT A BEAVER!!

Anyhoo, Blade Runner being my fave film of all time and The Terminator also one of my faves, I…love…this!!! Have a winner!

Nexus 7

Brought to you by Cyberdyne. Powered by Skynet.

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Manufactured by Tyrell.

Which one is the Nexus 7 and which one is the Blade Runner?

Nexus 7= Terminator Dude crushing a hand

Blade Runner= Owner of crushed hand

I want this man to have all my babies.
I fucking love you.
No really, take my babies.
They’ll be better off with you than with my dumbass self.

New Nexus 7? I see no Cm Punk,Justin Gabriel,Heath Slater,David Otunga,Darren young,Michael Mcgillicutty or Husky Harris nice picture though.