What is it?
This is a realism mod that features blinking, which was inspired from SCP.
This addon was originally a request from Cr1tikal.

Some features include:

  • Disabling the HUD while in-game.
  • Changing the blink speed.

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I make it so I blink faster?
A: In lua/autorun/sh_blink.lua you’ll find at line 12 you can edit the blinking speed using the instructions there.

Q: Can I disable the HUD at any time on my server?
A: Yes you can by typing “ycb_enable 0” in your console.

Currently its available here:
and here for all you Silly Nannies who can’t access the other link:

Inferno, Eh?


sweet! now we just need flinching and foot cramps!!

We could also add sweating too!!

I did the human sculpture NPC for a edit of radiationscript 3. The server’s loosely based on SCP where players run around, find weapons and items in storage containers and get mowed down by the creatures and map. Alas i have not worked on it recently and without a admin the SCP’s won’t spawn on their own, since the human sculpture tends to stick to a target until a new closer one arises and then it get’s stuck at spawn.

I might implement your blink script, i already got the human sculpture to move every few seconds to simulate blinking.

Still, check it out anyway.

Thanks dude. I never thought someone would actually make it. But were those screenshots from taken from you playing the game?

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Heres some more suggestions for the addon.

-Maybe make you blink faster when sprinting/runnning
-Make it blink way more faster when your underwater
-Make it blink when you get shot

if you could make it so if you don’t blink, the screen blurs up, so you would have to blink manually

Can you make it so you can see your nose as well?

If we can see our nose will it support different nose sizes?

Yes, I takes it from your model :smiley:

What about some manual blinking with bar that shows how dry your eyes are?

I’m (kinda) kidding.

By George, we need a savior to model us a nose!

Yeah I could most likely work that in there. Quick question though are you this guy off youtube? Or are you a guy who wants to be him?

Reminds me of the opening in the recent Alone in the Dark, jesus that mechanic was god awful.

Seems really pointless, you already blink while looking at the screen IRL.

Am i the only one who thinks that’d go well with the rape swep?

Not if your not human. Remember, Most gamers are not Human, They are Gamer and do not need to blink.