"You'll be okay, soldier! Take it easy...!" Man shot and assisted by a medic.



C&C and all that crap.

“You’ll be okay soldier Take it easy!”
Man shot and assisted by a medic.
Nice posing, doesn’t look bad, but the blood is weird. It’s a little too transparent.
have a paint pallet

It’s a nice picture but here’s alternate thread music:

the starting sucks but it gets good.
oh yeah gave you



Can a mod change it to just “You’ll be okay soldier! Take it easy…!”?


Not my kind of music, but thanks :v:


Wow, 2 replies and 64 views. Is it really that horrible?


Hey, nice job! You got the emotion in his face.

It’s called “faceposing”.

But thanks.

your inability to spell is almost as bad as my inability to stop stealing cars

I don’t spell bad, I don’t know what the hell I was doing when I wrote the title.

where u on crack


Cool explosion!

This is interesting. The picture is visibly dark, and looks dark, but you can make stuff out. good work on that. The blood is good too, although a bit too bright.

Also good work on the faceposing

the wounded guy’s left (his right) hand looks somehow 2-D, though, not sure why. the medic’s further (right) hand also looks as if it started from far behind is body, for some reason.

The explosion in the background fills the otherwise vacant spot nicely.

I don’t see anything there that I don’t like.
Good job!

nah he’s fucked

Seriously fucked.

Up the ass.