"You'll take his scalp !"

“Inglorious Basterd” look-a-like =)

Enjoy !


Damn ! I hate those germans models.

Shadow is kinda weird, so is blood.
Why doesn’t right soldier has a shadow?

In fact, the sun comes from the left, so I guessed that the right soldier can’t have shadows…

His face looks slightly see-through.

And the blood looks silly. :v:

Its cloak that’s wearing off duh

Posing on the soldier to the left is very comical, it is not required to point at somebody standing to your right but you added it anyway to give a sense of communication in the photo. The shadow editing you did (which is the only editing you did that I can see) is very bad on the soldiers’ faces. It destroys the sense of lighting in the photo. The blood looks very unrealistic and out of place. I can see effort was put in it but it was badly executed.

Grade: 4.8 out of 10.

Wah, that’s what I call a C&C ! Thank you =)

No problem.

I can’t believe you made that film look bad.

Hey, McGee, calm down two second would ya ? I’m not a guy who spend hundred hours on Photoshop.

It’s just a little wink to the movie, I never said my screenshot will be the best screenshot ever.

I am calm. But thanks for trying to counsel me I really appreciate it.

I have not a good english, so is this ironical ?

It looks like his blood is flying out of him.

film ruined

good work


bridget von hammersmark checks her fingernails in disgust


Sounds funny to me to read peoples comments about my screenshot. " You destroy the film" etc etc…

Except for Chesty whose makes very nice screenshots, I can’t stop laughing while I see some screenshots of other guys.

In all fairness (here is me feeling guilty because you said you like my pictures), the posing looks good and what you did with the shadows is a nice attempt at some lighting. Biggest issue with the picture though is that the blood is too bright. Bullet holes are quite good though.

I have to admit I started with a too big project…

listen, the blood is way too bright, your attempt at lighting editing failed miserably because a) it was poorly done and b) even if it was well done it doesn’t make any sense (as in the parts of their faces which are shadowed shouldn’t be [given the light source], and you weren’t even consistent as the older guy doesn’t have shadows). the bullet holes look like grey puke, frankly, and the pose itself is boring and uninteresting. the camera is also dumb. it looks like you were just trying to hide poor posing.

so don’t insult the work of everyone in the forum in an effort to defend your piece of crap screenshot.

and one more thing: saying chesty’s work (which i’m not dissing here but you know) is better doesn’t make this shitty screenshot any better. it just makes you look like a fool drying to suck dick for social status.

You, listen to me. I don’t insult the work of everyone on the forum, just the work of a bunch a guys (“OLOLZ SEXPOSES OMG” ) whose insulte the work of people whose learning how to edit etc.

I didn’t want to hide poor poses. You should take some lessons about movies, this camera angle is totally wanted.

Search my other poses, and you’ll see I don’t have to hide anything. I don’t said I’m the best poser, and I’m very very very […] very far from it, but I’m not a rookie.

whoa whoa whoa

didn’t say anything about sex poses. sorry, i thought you were saying “i laugh at everyone except for chesty’s work” which made you seem like you had a “holier-than-thou” type attitude.

sorry for the misunderstanding, but everything regarding the editing still holds

rated heart as show of good will.