Young and growing PvP server with active admins is looking for you!

Hey there, I know there are hundreds of new servers popping up everywhere recently, so why would you want to join one and not that other that was just posted for a few minutes ago?
Well I’m hoping to help you decide to make our server your new home in Rust as you journey from Alpha to Beta to the official release!

***Announcement from the Epic Rust server *** Now through New Years, we are offering any new player to the server the option to receive one of our new player gift packages to help you get started!

As the title says, we are young (a little over 2 days as of this posting) and growing, adding new people everyday.
Also PvP is our focus and that is up to you, as to how you approach that aspect of the game.
Join a group of people that helps keep each other safe, be a raider - pillaging and looting anyone along your path to power, a lone wolf - just trying to find your place in the Rust world, a champion of the Epic Arena! - feared by all who have the misfortune of having to face you in the arena, looter, scavenger, hunter, builder, or trader we encourage it all!

We have active server admins on daily that will be monitoring, chatting, assisting, and playing among you. (Note: We will always be as fair as we can. We have experienced other admins power abuse before and do not approve of that practice. No pvping in god mode for us). We do encourage fair play by all and we will discourage using hacks and glitches to grief and troll others. Your questions, comments, concerns, and complaints are always welcome, to help us make sure your experience is a good one while on the Epic Rust server. ( Tbh our first pvp death on the server was myself being chased down and killed in a short game of hunt the admin and the first person raided was my fellow admin Dread_Nos).

Events! Games! Competitions! We will be holding events at a minimum of once a week. Variations of Arena tournaments, the Hunger Games, slow night trivia while you pvp, and more. Prizes will be awarded to the winners! Hoping to start these by this coming weekend.

As the game continues development, more features will become available and more tools for us to work with to make the server better and better. We have some goals and milestones set for this server and are hoping to reach them for the benefit of our community. Community input is also very important to us and we are open to any ideas or suggestions that might come up with and also want your input on server decisions Example: Should we . Speaking of community, it is the most important aspect of a game that has persistent servers, in our opinion. You will see many of the same people day in and day out, for better or worse, friend and foe. We have plans for a simple website, where server announcements will be made(until they add a message of the day feature), event schedules, and forums for you to talk about the game, meet the people you play with, make friends, trash talk enemies, form groups, etc…

Technical Information: Server Name: EPICLootGames PVP/Slpr 12/21
The server is based out of Chicago Il. U.S.
The server saves every 10 minutes and we do manual save backups as well.
Rust is in an early state of development (Alpha) and there may be a patch from time to time that requires us to wipe the server. We will not wipe, unless we do not have a choice.
We want to have as much continuity as possible.

Direct connect: At the Rust title screen press F1 and copy and paste the address and hit enter. Address: net.connect

We have gotten lucky so far and some great people have joined our server. It’s going to be sad when they start killing each other more often :frowning: It is still a good time to join, lots of available landscape and people looking to make friends/allies.

Note: I am not the server owner, just your humble admin Nolimit54 and I hope to see you soon :slight_smile:

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