Young for the Marine

I like it. Alot.

Reminds me of the heli ride in MOH trailer(the modern one)

I don’t like the random white smears in your pictures.

I do like it a lot.

it’s fog or cloud.
so it looks weird?

The… uhhh… The v-thingy below the really fast rifle-thingy is clipping by his leg.
(Yeah, I’m a pacifist)

The picture’s nice.

Could you stop spamming all your unoriginal pictures? Or make yourself a megathread or some forum where you will post all of these.

And don’t FUCKING answer “i have no ideas lulz”

Bi-pod in leg must hurt p. bad.
also floating crotch pad but thats more of the riggers fault (yours lol)


i have no idea lulz lulz


I still second the Korean rating

he looks like

except less rapist smile

Oh look another war themed screenshot. Goody.
Not saying it’s bad however, pretty good posing.

You need to take a break.
Do something imaginative instead of this.

yeah how about marine bear calvary or some sort of badass aerobatic fucking pirouettes

Balaclava looks good. Texture edit?

Is more of a smudged smear that fog. It has no shape at all.

dust? or wind effect, to make it look like its flying?

white smudge thats what it is :v: