Young Gman Version one

Hello, welcome to the thread on my second hex, yes another Gman hex :stuck_out_tongue: . Anyway here are the screenshots and download link:

Version 2:
The previous hex seems to not be “YoungGman” so I’ll keep it up as V1, this is version 2, hopefully a young looking Gman. I added light tanned skin, made hair brown, added short regular mustache and changed eyebrow colour to brown.
Download Address:


Please tell me if it’s still not young and I’ll keep working at it.

Seriously, his skin colour is screwed up, like he’s been in a coffin for hundreds of years. And that gay goatee only adds to the effect.
Tell you what, make a flower-power suit instead.

Wow, This skin is incredibly bad. Make his skin look human, there’s noone that’s greenish on this planet.

Adding a moustache does not make him younger.

It makes him older.

Looks like a vampire

and another bad looking and useless gman skin with his fucking breifcase…
when? oh when will i get a good gman skin with no briefcase and fingerposable right hand?

I’ll see what I can do about the skin, and the mustache thing, it’s not grey or white, it’s brownish black. I may re-do the whole blimmin’ thing.


There we go, V2 done, hopefully he looks young.

How does one prevent this site from automatically resizing pictures?

Size them to 1024x768, as that seems to work ok for me, or use [img_thumb] instead of [img] (which then gives you a click link to the full size pic). Then theres also the [media] but they often dont work correctly for me.

Well its better then

Yeah, change that skin colour there OP

V2 is a huge improvement. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Actually, looking at that, you didn’t make most of it. God damn I need to pay more attention. No no no, this sucks.

When I saw the title I thought you meant The G-Man as a kid or young adult.

Can I a least have some constructive criticism rather than moaning?

They’re giving you constructive criticism, what more do you want than “A beard makes him look older” “The skin tone is too pale”
Your skin sucks, get over it.

There has been no criticism for Version 2, I took on board the criticism for V1. So read maybe and work out which is which, because v2 doesn’t have a beard and his skintone isn’t pale… And I want criticism as I want to achieve a skin which looks good and people will gladly download.

It’s overall “bad”. I just don’t see anyone downloading this even for ironic purposes…Maybe it’s since you chose to make something that, when changed, it’s still the same crap. Sorry kiddo.

Tell you what, you wanna make a younger GMan? Make a fucking model of it. You aren’t gonna get that young effect by just editing the skin, give him a shorter, more built stature, get rid of the briefcase, and put him trunks and a short sleeved shirt. And modify the hair and face to a younger version.