Young Monk/Grigori
Picture is at the link.

So here is the another young reskin, this time for Monk.
Reskin was made by my brother, I just hexed it.
This is the first time this skin is released. It’s about 1-2 years old.

Hope you’ll like it!

i like it! he actually…looks young! :smiley:

Can we have a young Alyx, Kleiner and Barney too? makes cute face

Are you telling me that Barney and Alyx are old? :3
And young Kleiner already exists somewhere.

Looks good, nice work

Nah . . . just . . . sweet 16 . . . you know. >_>


Oh, you mean as young which Pedobear approves, eh? ^^
Fakefactory already did it, or not?

Don’t do it, we don’t need no CP in our Sex Pose sections brah.

Hey, don’t worry. I wasn’t even thinking of doing it.

Do a young Gman and i’ll love you forever (by giving you a "Polite, Nice, Friendly) >.>

A puma jersey? Ergh fail.

He looks like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trader.

Oh haha, he reminds me of that priest from Stargate SG-1: S3E8

Is that Barny’s face on Grigory?

Better yet: A young combine soldier?

A combine elite baby.
In a nappy.

I will have your babies if you do it.

Because nobody in eastern Europe ever wears puma.

No simply because it’s ugly as shit.

Yes! Yes! That Would Be Awesome!!!

He reminds me of Carlos Mencia.