Young Padawan Looking For Master! ♥ (Modelling Teacher)

Hello to the modelers, scripters, animators, and lua Gods of FacePunch. I’m looking to thoroughly get into modeling for Garry’s Mod, as well as exporting models from other games into the Source Engine and Garry’s Mod. I’m not one for YouTube videos or guides or reading like a gopher. I’m more of a learn-from-experience and listen-to-instructions kind of person, and my current preference is more or less Blender. My goals for the moment are to export models from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas into the Source Engine, into mostly ragdolls.

If you’ve got the time, love, and skill, please, add me on Steam, eh? ->

I’m not going to go into thorough detail in this thread, but if you’ve got questions for me or something, by all means.

You’re contradicting yourself there.

Not really. I think he means that he’d rather have someone actively speaking to him who he can respond to right away as opposed to just watching a video.

If you want to learn to model do it yourself, it’s the only way.

That or go to school for it. No one is going to teach you without getting paid, unless you are really lucky.

I wouldn’t call it a contradiction, more of a miscommunication. Like lonefirewarrior said, I’d rather have someone actively speaking to me. A YouTube video is fine and all, but you can’t ask questions, unless you consider posting in YouTube comments and waiting half a year for a response “active”.

Being able to actively ask questions, get the information I need when I need it how I need it is much more useful than looking it up and finding a bunch of retards arguing it on some random forum.

Ah, okay. I see where that was going now.

If you put out I might be willing to help for free.

Add me on Steam then, let’s talk.

I’ll…put out…

undoes shirt