Young people bestow new life

Is the work of the first time!!!

i wont recall my self as a judge, but the way he’s holding the baby is practically impossible to do, unless you’re squeezing the ribs out of the him.

plus aa needs work, lights and a better background that would describe the current state of emotion that you’re trying to show, but that’s just me.

and for first time… much better than i did, with my shitty pictures

The way he’s holding that, I’m pretty sure the baby would have fallen face-first, plus it looks obviously photoshopped in. Some of the plants look out of place, such as those ferns growing on asphalt. The angle doesn’t look right, maybe refer to this tutorial for some help on that: . The lighting looks rather strong for the pose, maybe tone it down. As for Ellis, his posing looks alright, although maybe add a bit of faceposing.

Thank you Rate it! I have been using GIMP!

that yellow plant looks like a coral.

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture:

whoa, is that the fallout 3 baby model i ported fucking ages ago?

also, the lack of AA and JPEG compression kill the picture, the posing is alright, if a little stiff.

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