YoungServers MafiaRp Wanna know how to get people to play

hey i just started my garry’s mod server and i wonder how i get people to join the server. i really wanna give people a coll server but i just wonder how to get a populated server. really hope some people got something to comment looking forward to it.

Make something custom that isn’t just a conglomeration of previously released addons. If your theme is “Mafia,” then make roleplay elements revolve around that into an experience that differs from regular RP. Sorry if that seems like a very vague and generic response, but what you have to do to make the server stand out is totally up to your unique perspective and theme. Have a vision for how you want the server to look and clearly lay it out for your staff, developers, and players.

Thank you sow much brother got you man! ima try to stand out make some things other servers dont have