your addon folder size ;)

my addons folder

10.49 gb :wink:

xD I have the biggest one… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is bigger (u know what im saying :p)

3.64 gb

255 mb

4.95 gig

3.09 GB (3,328,069,845 bytes)

515mb. Not too big.

4,39G :psypop:

2,65 gb

1.3GB, I don’t like cluttering my gmod with useless shit. PHX3, Wiremod(and adv dupe), some tools and that’s it.

9.84 gb


Im not a leech :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to keep mine as small as possible whilst still including the essential build tools;
if you cram it with random shit your Gmod load times will increase dramatically.

What’s with the smileys an bad spelling in this thread?

1.5 GB

4.87 gb

2.72 gb

5 Gig.

39,7 mb