Your addons

I have enjoyed looking through the gamemodes thread at all the ideas and plans people have, but I’d also love to hear what addons people are planning to make or have started to work on in some capacity.

So the question is:

  • What addons are you planning to build?
  • Where do you see it being used (rp gamemodes, fps, ttt, usable by all, etc…)?
  • Have you done any work for it that you’d like to show?

Might as well talk about mine even though I’m planning on making a thread for it later, I’m working on an administration addon/framework, with moderation capabilities through commands, roles and permissions. As well as other planned features, and an API for other addons to create their custom commands, roles and custom perms.

Still WIP, it is a public git repo but I’ll post the link later, still need to push most of the work that’s been made on it.


I’ve done some work on tools that would be useful to have early on, I collected improvements and ideas from my users in the last months for a better version.

Addon for the complete creation of your own crosshair with the possibility of a normal selection of existing presets. Gamemode associated with World War II. An addon that creates a TV in which you can watch both audio files and videos from YouTube.

There are many plans… I would like to rediscover something that is already in Gmod, as well as something new

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I made posters and some zombie sounds and combine sounds

Realtime Raytracing on the GPU! I would love to do this! My computer might catch on fire while doing it. I have some ideas on how I would if it is possible with the C# API!

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Would mostly be silly entities and weapons for people to mess around in sandbox mode for a while in the beginning. I’m trying to make things in my mind for GMod first to get the feeling of which things would entertain people and would be remembered like many nostalgic addons we had in GMod. Since I know I’m not capable of making big mods but small fun things.

We’re able to leverage gpu shaders so nothing stopping you from porting that rt quake mod over to s&box :slight_smile:

An addon that I’m thinking might be useful would be something for accessibility. The idea would be that sounds files could be labeled or have data stored about them so that people who are deaf can enable a setting for subtitles that include dialogue and sound effects around them. Ideally some way to indicate the direction and intensity of the sound too. I still need to flesh it out more but I plan to see how others have solved it and see if I can find a good solution for S&Box.


This sounds like a neat idea. You could probably work off the Minecraft style where it states a simple sound, plus an arrow direction for which ear the sound is most dominant in.

< Creeper Hiss
Player Hurt >


That’s a good idea! I’ll enable that in Minecraft and take a look at it for reference. Thanks for the suggestion

I am really looking forward to developing an RPG framework for use in any kind of roleplay context. A generic item data structure that can be ‘passed around’- from database to world entity to client inventory- is something that looks relatively painless to implement with Sandbox, especially considering all the networking and RPC goodies that are coming along for the ride.

I’m aiming to have it be completely modular, allowing whatever drop-in UI addon to interpret and display the item however it pleases using the framework API. That being said, I’m going to try my hand at implementing a grid-based inventory a la STALKER or WoW.

I’d like to make some basic HUD for team deathmatch, one that shows your team, health, armor, maybe an objective if there is one, useful stuff like that.

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Integration addon could be something nice to add (like implementing a REST API for web/rest clients). I’m not sure that’s not already existing though :smiley: