Your biggest troll moment!

Whether you plat rust or not (Majority of you do, NICE!) You’ll know without a doubt people love to just troll the hell out of each other. Killing on sight just for the sake of it can be pretty amusing when you’re super bored just to start havoc and conflict. Its not a good thing to do but people strive off that stuff!

So I thought my most recent experience was too good to share, I’m not normally a troll but if the opportunity arises along with a badass story I’m gonna take it!
Before I jump into detail (Skip this if you want in on the story)

  • I live in Australia, making my internet terrible. Heard of dial up? Not only will it kill you here but its the standard!
  • I’m a poor shot, I mean I try and I’ve had my fair share of good hits but yeah… I suck :slight_smile:
  • I don’t get too bothered with this whole OMG IM GETTING RAIDED kinda ordeal many people have, its rust! your base is gonna get raided, deal with it!
  • Losing sucks, I don’t like it! But its about going out in style, on the story

My house is looking pretty good, just touching on the 7th story when a gang of 3 kevlar dudes rock up and gun fight begins. So I’m shooting at this one dude and freaking out about his endless supply of both ammo and medkits whilst I run in and out of my storage room filling up on ammo! Me being me I forget to cover my back and theres someone with their shotgun shooting me in the back with a huge ass staircase!

So I’m dead, respawning and what not, lost my m4 and kevlar, plenty of that in my base! BUT, a dude is roaming around freely inside my house! So begins a solid hour of cat and mouse :slight_smile: Me opening up doors, one shotgun shot, close and repeat! The guy gets stuck in my stairwell, C4’s his way out the wall, I fix the wall, stuck again, he kills his team mate by accident, more C4s, shoot shoot shoot, death death death and so I’m stuck behind a wall 3 dudes waiting outside my loot room looking in :slight_smile:

They’ve already dropped 3 C4 down on my wooden wall and its about to go down, my troll kicks into gear and I slowly dictate everything each box contains then proceed to break it with a pickaxe. So at this point this raid has gone on for 2 hours :slight_smile: Not going into too much detail, I basically lost somewhere over 3000 fragments, 5+ of each gun, 3000 ammo and 6 c4s, however had lots of fun :slight_smile: To finish waste of time I placed a c4 on the fractured wall allowing them into my loot room leaving a single box with a single piece of chicken (cooked of course, they were hungry).

To put the icing on the cake one of the dudes had been stuck in my stairwell for sometime now and was the only one to VOIP me. I asked how we was and what not and he said he was streaming and that it was boring for the viewers and what not! After checking out his stream and laughing at how silly the situation looked I told him to hold on for a second as I’d open the door for him… and proceeded to log out!

So its a long post but I hope it made you laugh, it would be great to hear all of your troll moments, if you have any of course! To the clan I did this too, if you do read it! I’M SORRY! I HAD TO DO IT!


I was on PvE, and ran up to someones fire at night and stole his wood.
And he didn’t even care. :v:

Man thats just mean! Dudes gonna be all good and stuff!
You are ruthless!

My friend got 3 airdrops by himself because it was on a new server, and then he got a stack of each bullet (with some more stuff obviously), but couldn’t make any guns. He found someone with an m4 claiming he was new spawn and dude gave him a pistol. He said here i got this charge from an airdrop and he dropped it and when the guy was looking for it to pick it up he shot him in the head 5times gaining full kevlar and an m4. I’m like wow dude you’re such a dick XD.

Yesterday, when we tricked another clan (SxG) to raid our “old” house, and had them waste at least 12 C4’s on a house with no loot in it ^^

I shot at them with a pistol and ran back to the house, making them think that we lived there.

They ran after me and decided to make a foundation and stairs on one side… I guess they didnt notice the other set of stairs on the other side, leading to the roof. C4’s and wood wasted… That was fun. :slight_smile:

i plat rust too!

Still better than griefing houses.

Well you locked me in those stairs but you know im out with my loot :smiley: and you and your friend just keep spawning and getting killed all thos backpacks i think 69 with rock :smiley:
And nice trolling :wink: we had fun too :smiley:

Well you trolled us very good sir.

Two people came into my house trying to raid and grief it so when they broke my stairs I trapped them inside my house and made them starve to death. :wink:

My story is little short than yours… I’m spawn and I’m died… Why? I’m spawn and I see all black but i get hurt by something… I heard a growl… and I died… wolfs in general you are a Son of a bitch…

Just recently I had nothing to lose and found some guy hammering away at someone’s house with a hatchet. I snuck up behind him with the starting stone and yelled “I WANNA ROCK” through my mic, hopefully scaring the crap out of him and proceeded to try and kill him.

Unfortunately the rock isn’t a great killing machine and he killed me with the faster hatchet. However, I like to think I left him bloody and beaten, hoping that he’s wary the next time he decides to vandalize someone else’s property.

i like to sneak up on random people and make either a fly buzzing noise or a deathly scream. not much of a troll but its funny when there is a group of kevlar guys talking in voip asking each other if they added flies.

my story is short…and dumb…2 guys sneaking to my house…ive heard at least 13 C4 exploded one by one…i go look outside…they was trying to C4 my pillar (those you put to avoid stair from outside) but the 13 C4 could break my entire house…dont know why they did that instead of shutting down my 3 metal doors…i laughted and killed them… end of the dumb story

My story is an almost troll, but I never got a chance to finish it because the server was wiped.

These guys built a 5x5 foundation with walls all around, with a doorway on each side, then build a 3x3 tower in the middle. For some reason, they left the doorways open for a long time. My house was near theirs, and in the night, I went and placed a metal door in the doorway closest to my house. The next time I logged in, all the doorways had doors, and I assumed they blew mine. Nope, it would open for me and I was able to get into the first stage of their house. I assume they thought it was one of their housemates, each thinking it was someone elses. My plan was to use the Trojan door to go in and wall off an area that could be used to stage a raid, but the server was wiped the next day.

After grabbing 2 out of 3 airdrop crates, some guy is following me and he knew he was going to call his mates and raid me.
I ran into my decoy house, waited for him to get his buddies and then left.
The house got raided 3 times in 30 minutes by the same guys.
I replaced the doors (3 of them) each time they left, so they wasted about 20 c4 in total, the house was empty.

I packed my inventory with rocks and bandages then ran through the rad zone (town) jumping around trying to get shot. I did the same thing on War Z with flashlights:

War Z Troll Video

Havoc… don’t be mad bro… because I yet again mentioned War Z.

My best troll moment was when I became a short smelly green man and waited under the bridge for travelers.

Criminy, decoy house? I am lucky to get one built, who has time for a decoy? :slight_smile:

Yep, You would have had a run in with the ANZA clan that was on last night, Came into my base stole my 20 pickaxes, 2000 metal fragments, 10 sets of armor and 20 guns & 2000 wood and then started building there so I had no base, I started again they came and killed me and stole a shit ton of my stuff again, There is at least 4 4 man squads of them, They go arround in full kevlar with m4’s that seem like unlimited ammo and kill anyone on sight, nakeds even.