Your conchance

No longer with us due to it being terrible.

I lol’ed at the zombie but you seriously need to turn your graphics up and dont use MSpaint to do speechbubbles.

You spelled conscience wrong, dude. Bad posing, no editing besides bad speech bubbles and no real point to the dialogue. This is disappointing, did you even try?

Damn google gives me the wrong words!

And yes, I did try. I tried harder than 4Chan does

You tried as hard as they do at posting stuff that’s useful and not a troll.


Fucking hell. This just reminded me how I had a oral spelling test and I thought the teacher said ‘conscience’ when she really said ‘concious’.

Damnit to hell man. Pissed me off.

Edited with (hopefully) better picture

Straw rain, simple DoF, looks like cramped old people then zombies. :ohdear:

Now the picture has nothing to do with the title :C

I edited it because the first was terrible.

Stop bumping the page and let this die. PLEASE

It wasnt terrible, believe me, I have seen worse.

Ops, gonna let this die if you want.