Your Connection is banned (just joined the alpha and played like 5 min)

hey guys well my friend gave me his account.
i played it for like 5 minutes i noticed when i hit a tree or an animal its do the hit like x50 its sounds like a speed attack. (and i just download the game - first time play)
well then the game screen blinked sometimes and i got dc. i did Refresh and i saw that:


I think I see your problem.

i cant see the problem?

Well that’s probably why you are banned.
I don’t think account sharing is allowed. So it’s either that or you have done some naughty things.
I don’t think there is some Skynet operated banbot out there banning people for fun. Hopefully.

well they just added that system so meh and they dont wrote about account sharing so :v:

I think it is pretty much common sense (or so one would think) to NOT share accounts as it is prohibited in almost any online
game imaginable. Bottom line is, you probably did something to deserve the ban. Be more careful in the future. Hopefully your
friend can keep playing at least if it’s just a IP ban. Then again, he too is partially to blame.

System read different IP (Possibly from another country) = Account sharing , k

well **alot **of game and etc allow account sharing, like steam or something else.
how can i contact a game dev?

that is you using speed hax to make the game client run “x” faster then it really does, this causes you to hit faster, AKA you haxed and you banned for it:) long story short, dont hack and fuck up for all the others. :zoid:

mate i just downloaded the game O.o im new i played for like 5 minutes and got banned so no its not me.

No they don’t, especially not Steam (even tho Steam does not really enforce it).

STEAM® SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT should have all the info you need.

k mate thanks

In order for you to even attack at “50x” the normal, you would have to attach cheat engine to the process. Therefore, you hacked the game and now you got banned. Doesn’t matter if your friend gave you the account anyway, you fucked up. Own up to it, and stop ruining the fun of others.

can you guys STOP telling me that i cheat? i have not reason to cheat in a game that i JUST GOT.
i’ve been searched for this game for like 1.5 weeks so i dont want to loose it.
but i do -.-
and not i dont got any cheat engine in my computer.
you guys bought gold members ONLY because you want rust and not because you like this community…

So how do you explain, a single process on your computer suddenly speeding up by 50x the normal speed? In order to do so, YOU have to either inject something or do it the lazy way and increase the speed with Cheat Engine.

Do you honestly believe anyone is going to believe it just SUDDENLY sped up? Get real man, one down. If you do manage to get another key, don’t fuck up this time.

well listen its not speeding up.
the noise is like i hit 50x in one hit but its just a normal hit.
its a bug and not a cheat … maybe i didnt explain my self good enough…

Enough said about this.



Just STFU you basher… Get rational.

Since its an account from his friend thus if his friend applied the injection/hack while he was playing thus when he logged in the game thus maybe the hack/injection transfered since his friend applied one.

Just because you are “gold member” that does not mean you can bash and be cocky.


I’m not bashing, and your fucking stupid. His friend CANNOT inject something onto HIS COMPUTER while HE PLAYS. Please, replay the video for yourself too.