"Your cornered citizen."


Only ingame editing. Meh.

Really? He’s MY cornered citizen? Why thank you!

It doesn’t particularly seem like he’s being chased or anything, more like he was walking somewhere and went “Oh, door’s locked”. I think you should give the citizen some more dramatic posing, like he’s just run full-bore up to this door and discovered it’s locked…

Perhaps a little electric spark on the end of the stunstick too?

It’s otherwise not that bad… Just a tad uneventful.

I’d call that: “Tourist Trap”.

Your cornered citizen? Explain please, and I’m a piss poor editor, so it’d be bad sparks, but C&C appreacited.

You could use emitters other than editing it. Just an opinion =P

I’m having a go at the grammatical error in your title. It should be ‘You’re cornered’ not ‘Your cornered’ :wink:

Definitely just use an emitter ingame to create the necessary sparks. That and some more posing on the citizen, plus perhaps a tilted view angle would do wonders for it…