Your durability update is bugged.

So yeah, loved the fact that I logged in and suddenly all my weapons are automatically broken. My armor and many weapons were also “missing” but if I dragged something else into those spots they suddenly reappeared…again broken. So I step over to the workbench to repair them as the update says we can do and guess what? No information on how to go about doing that. Nothing seems different.

So I make a new M4, it has 5 slots. I put a flashlight on it and suddenly my M4 which was “Artifact M4” seconds earlier is now “Broken M4.”

You guys may wish to test this stuff out more extensively before releasing it, and maybe include more information on how the mechanics for repairing work next time yeah?

What server are you playing on - This was tested for over a week on the official development servers with no issues

Passive aggressive…nice. I’m sure they rolled it out blindly and didn’t test it at all. Just throw it against the wall and see if it sticks type of thing.

They could do a wipe and then you completely would not see your M4. Be happy. Its alpha.

Anyone else have this happen?

I thought the current set of players were supposed to be testing things like this and, you know, reporting the bugs they find.

I don’t have to settle with scraps they throw at me and keep quiet. We payed to play the game, and while it is a privilege it also comes with an expectation. I am ALLOWED to expect the gameplay to work as they claim. If it doesn’t then I am ALLOWED to tell them there is an issue.

same problem… could the server i play on not have implemented their patch??

Dude - facepalm! You are participating in a game in it’s early pre-beta development. Do you have any idea what that means?

Then maybe you should answer my questions so we can help debug your issue.

Ok fine. Playing on a very new Community server, with very little players and very light modifications.

Can anyone confirm this issue exists on an official server? Thanks.

For those of u that don’t know. Helk is one of the main developers … Help him out by explaining the issue rather than ranting about it.

Actually I know EXACTLY what that means. I was a Mythic employee and tested games as my job. How about you? This is alpha, and that doesn’t change the fact that this was rolled out poorly. If you release a patch, you ensure that it works on ALL aspects of your product, not just the Servers you manage. I may be mistaken, but it almost seems like this was tested on a completely closed server, with a single tester logged in, and as soon as it was successful once, they included it in the patch.

If this had been thrown through the ringer, it would have(and might have, but just doesn’t seem like it) gone through hundreds of tests where you try to break the server with tons of players logged in and an attempt to bog down the CPU usage.

Update was on dev servers before. Where you were?

Can’t believe u guys have a developer watching this topic and instead of help him sort it you’d rather bicker about it …

Yeah my name is Sid Meier you may have heard of me.

See the problem is what you are describing is the way PRODUCTION software works, not software in this stage of development. Basically, we ARE a big part of the testing.

Since you seem to have a skewed idea of what alpha means, I suggest you study software development cycles and enlighten yourself (

I just died when I touched the water. US Central 4.

While it is single case as I understand it. The author could at least specify the server on which it happened.

How about answering Helk’s questions. Quit being silly.