Your experience with Lua.

Pretty much this :smiley:

  1. I’ve been coding lua since 2008, with some breaks in between where i programmed in other languages such as C++, php, python and Java

  2. I think the first think i made was a pan and egg entity that could make scrambled eggs when combined

  3. Try to work stuff out on your own but if you get stuck or feel there could be a better way ask some of the more experienced coders, there are often tricks that are hard to figure out with just the wiki. Also look a lot at other people’s sources and try to find something that does something similar to what you want. In GLua there are many tricks that you can use. This is especially the way to go if you want to work on derma, it’s very important to read some of garry’s lua (in garrysmod/lua), too, it’s the only way to see how derma was ment to be worked with.

Most importantly don’t try to optimize your code, make it readable and easy to understand. Almost all optimizations that people do in lua have little to no impact and make maintaining code a lot more difficult. Even seen attempts to optimize that were actually slower and made everything incredibly hard to read.

  1. Of course, everybody does. When i do i usually browse waywo a bit and when seeing what kind of awesome things others create and usually i get interested again.
  1. About a year and a half.
  2. I started making small, useless scripts, which made me build on ideas. Lua can make you a thinker.
  3. Do it as you wish, it can be fun in small or large amounts depending on the type of person you are. (That may sound a bit nasty.)
  4. Of course, I take it as a hobby though. I’ve been doing it for a year and a half but I’m still not amazing at it. It can take time due to losing interest.
  1. 3 months
  2. Modifying DarkRP for my own server
  3. Gmod wiki and tutorials is good for learning. Keeping interest browse WAYYO
  4. Yes ofc. I usually not code for days-weeks then (even though I am horrible at it compared to other)
  1. About year or two ago.
  2. Simple HUDs, base RP gamemode and porting addons and gamemodes from GMod 12 to 13
  3. I’m reading WIKI when im coding and im every day checking WAYWO.
  4. Actually, no. I do what i like.
  1. Since I first bought Gmod. Back then more Embedded C/C++ and E2 than LUA, Processing some plants and such.
  2. A simple Thinking SEnt, porting my old Gmod 12 addons to Gmod 13 ( ProbuilderPack )
  3. This is a fair start ( )
  4. Yes, but i Do C++ to compensate it :slight_smile:

What is “WAYWO”?

I managed to Google my way to “What are you working on”, however I don’t understand the concept eh…
show off your latest work in a thread

  1. Around 2 years ago I picked up a Bukkit server with some friends. ComputerCraft was where I started with on that
  2. Made a program that grabs the server’s local time, than can send the packet to nearby computers using a wireless connection.
  3. Lurk >.>
  4. I stare directly into code a lot, so not really. If anything I prefer doing other activities at times