Your favorite garry's mod version

Mine personally is gmod 9, so much nostalgia. What’s yours?


The last one where we didn’t have DarkRP.


And the prize for the most unoriginal response goes to this^ guy.

Tired and overdone haha DarkRP sucks jokes aside it’s probably gonna be 13, even though I’ve owned the game since 2009 it wasn’t until 2013/2014 that I really got into it.


GMod 13 was the version when the game really started to shine. It introduceda lot of incredible (for the time, in the context of GMod) functionality that made developing addons that much easier.

To those who are unaware, before GMod 13 we didn’t even have the net module. To transfer data in-bulk to the server from the client, there was a special library that transmitted data by issuing a series of console commands with data encoded in a textual format. Data from the server to client had to be sent using usermessages, which were limited to 255 bytes each.

There were a lot of other things that were very difficult or outright impossible to do in GMod before that, and GMod 13 was the update that breathed a lot of life into the game.


Agreed, everyone was a lot more creative with what they did with the game before DarkRP came along.


Gmod 9 was the most refined version of the Mod, where it transitioned from being some crappy Source Mod to a distinct game in a sense, the honest successor to it is probably first iteration of Gmod 10, where it took all the fun, the newly formed community and malleability of its predecessor, and cranked it up to 11.

all in all i pick Gmod 9.0.3


I disagree, the reason you don’t see that much creative and unique people around is because they are overshadowed by mainstream gamemodes that got popular because of big youtubers playing them.
That doesn’t mean that the creative or “OG” side of the community isn’t around anymore, i would argue that because Gmod got more streamlined it actually brought more creative people to it, that later down their late youth hopped off to become software engineers, animators, artists and asset creators trough out the Source Engine community and beyond.

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GMod 9. ToyBox. GMod Tower.


I think you can have your opinion, but it’s not very constructive like, I love DarkRP and it’s the gamemode most play for years, so :relaxed:


Here’s more “constructive” opinion:
DarkRP has killed most of the unique and creative gamemodes in the game, because nobody was playing them and they died without seeing any light. Nobody wants to develop a gamemode when players don’t care about it and prefer to play DarkRP… That’s how we got ~20 DarkRP reskins under different names in the server list, because it’s the only gamemode 90% of the playerbase play.

Also, maybe it’s just my luck, but all the DarkRP servers I’ve been on were literally “Find a way to RDM without getting banned”, and I’m not having fun when some squeaker blasts all of my doors with C4 and kills me with a minigun while wearing a GOD DAMN CRYSIS ARMOR! I’m not even exaggerating, this is legit happened…

So, I have no interest in playing DarkRP, but there’s almost nothing else to play anymore, and if there is - I’m the only person on the server.


Ok, I understand your point, but that 90% of the community of English. If you didn’t see in French, there’s a lot of serious RP and Semi-Serious. Every server and the server you’re talking about is a “Fun” server, so they’re just here for that. I’m French and I from Québec and I play a lot of DarkRP and this never happen. I never play on English server too, cause my English is not very good, so I don’t really want to play in, but I watch a lot of videos and they"re all the same thing.

So, maybe you say the truth, but they’re is some server in France, Russia… are RP.

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Just a few months ago, I was managing a French HL2 server that closed down definitively. Serious RP servers are almost dead in France now. Now, many players come to connect to a server without having to worry about doing serious RP on a HL2 or Metro RP gamemode. They just want to have a DarkRP server with 100 jobs, 300 weapons and lots of vehicles… So I tend to agree with @0Fox.

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I have been playing for 5 years on French servers and there is a lot of serious RP for real, they play serious and RP. And there are a lot of people who are trying to create a server, but it doesn’t work. You can watch Uranium SCP, Cosmos RP, Coopa SCP … They are still alive after 3 years and they are still playing correctly. So you might be unlucky with this server and I think I have more experience with the French server, but thanks for your reply.

And they don’t have so much weapons and vehicles, so I don’t know what’s the name of the server you joined but that doesn’t sound good.

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The servers you mentioned are far from serious. The servers of the youtubers “Coopa” work because they make videos on them. Cosmos, I’ve never been there. And for Uranium SCP, this server is almost a joke if it’s RP in your eyes. It’s a classic DarkRP of 10-year-olds. Admins go their thing in their area, it shoots from everywhere, if you’re class D, you get pissed off after several minutes, etc.

In short, at no time can these servers look like a serious server with serious RP such as Clockwork, Helix and derivatives. All the DarkRP servers I’ve been to, with a few exceptions, make no effort at all. They all have the same addons, 10 of tickrate, all lag, 30 TDM packs, freekills, carkills and so on.

A lot of servers are created but don’t succeed because nobody tries to be original and constantly tries to look like the others, and very seriously if you tell me that these servers are “serious” I understand why Garry’s Mod is dying: because people just want to have fun without worrying about it.

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What where these times like? DarkRP seems to run Gmod1 now with TTT and Zombies :\

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It’s kinda off topic at this point, but I will answer…

Imagine opening server browser and seeing Sandbox gamemode first in the list, everything under it was changing constantly, only later TTT appeared at top 2. People were always trying out new gamemodes, many small gamemodes had enough players to actually be playable and fun. And developers were motivated to waste their time to make something even more fun and bigger out of it…
Maybe you can find some of the servers like those today somewhere at the bottom with 0 players on. But most of them are long gone, because why would you host a gamemode that nobody wants to play when you can make another DarkRP reskin and sell an admin role to the kids?

I understand why some other people prefer Gmod 13 for more advanced Lua things we got and etc. But the most important in the game for me is fun, not the tools that I will not use because it’s almost pointless to develop anything non-DarkRP related.


100% agree gmod9 was the most pure, had the best version of construct, and was insanely fun. Early gmod 10 was also super good but there is just something about 9 that felt different.


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Yeah, 9th version was the best:D

The 14th will be the best if code_gs hurry :ok_hand: