Your favorite map!

Personally, I love to make a train using the Phx pack. Although I cannot stand the Phx pack, there are no really good train building materials out there.

So my map would have to be either,
Gm_wireconstruct, or Gm_Trainconstruct.

That one rp town is awesome.

The maps that I make. :v:

gm_consruct, das best

I really like this one and this one.

Freespace 6, Big City.

Gm_construct extended 3 or something like that.




Sounds interesting. Link?

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Also: gm_construct_flatgrass.

No link, the guy took it down recently because the beta tester slots were full





I remember when it was first released, fun times.

Probably gm_construct

There was a great map on a server that I used to play on about 2-3 years ago. It was called “gm_zomg_construct” or something like that.


What are the names of these maps…Apparentally whoever posted the videos on youtube is too lazy to post a link or to reply to anyones demand for a link on youtube. So if anyone has a name or link for them…please post them.